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Here's my line-up, works for me.

Solly Wiggins
Dervite Morrison Wood
Kermogant Jackson
Pritchard Harriott

I can imagine youngsters calling an Ambulance for me, but I will be interested to be told why it would not work. Proper football again, but played on grass, not a sea of mud. Throw away all those poncy ideas that started abroad. Referees that received respect, having my old rattle back, supporters who enjoyed banter without hoolaganism. Have I nodded off again ? Is it just a dream ? If it is it's the best one I have had for years. Come along you Addick chappies !


  • If we're going back to the old "W" formation you'll have to number them 1 to 11. You'll need a ref who allows the shoulder charge, including shoulder charging between the goalie and the centre-forward(I used to love watching that). The players would also stay on their feet when tackled, instead of going down at the slightest touch.
    On the other hand, you'd see players getting only a booking for two-footed tackles, and scything tackles from behind. Pasiing back to the goalie would be allowed, so that if a team is 1-0 ahead with 5 minutes to go the game is virtually dead.
  • Are Solly and Kermorgant fit? Or are you suggesting this as the general line up.

    Sad to see Wilson left out as I think he adds something different - one for the bench made by when we need to shake things up?
  • I'm up for this formation, but only if Hamer can't wear gloves, can wear a flat cap, and it appears on Sky in black and white and at a funny frame rate.

  • Having seen Michael Smith play a few times, I'm pretty confident he wouldn't be able to do much on his own up top.
  • put kerm upfront...drop pritchard into the middle and play stewart out wide right
  • I 'm an oldie and hate to rain on anyone's parade but that formation would lead to weekly humiliations that far surpass our current problems. Unless Walter Winterbottom could be raised from the dead.
  • I like the formation but disagree with the team selection. Pritchard is alot better imo CM - our only box to box player. The Millwall game showed us how much we lack a physical presense up top without Kerm, so he has got to play there. Also Church doesnt deserve to be dropped imo
  • We'd need a hatchet man. Every team used to have one, but I can't think of a single one now.
  • So is this

  • Sorry fella's, it looked so much better when I drew it like it showed in the programme. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
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  • it's not much different from what's being selected a t m .. Smith in for Church, Harriott for Stephens are the only changes .. it's not radical enough Granpa
  • Was this serious? I didn't think it was serious. I thought it was an old school formation for the olden days, tongue-in-cheek style.
  • Iā€™d stick with the 3-5-2 for all away games and home games against decent sides who will have ambition. At the Valley, for the sides to set out to stop us ā€“ we should play 4-4-2 and against a rare ā€“ but very poor side who will decide to defend really deeply we should go 2-5-1-2
  • There is only one substitute and someone has to be injured before you can use him.
  • That will do for me, providing Smith operates in a deep lying Centre Forward role, a la Hideguti.
  • There is only one substitute and someone has to be injured before you can use him.

    Someone has written a book about those days you know..Keith Somebody or other..

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