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CAFC 100% Support

I have no say over who owns the club.

I have no say over who manages the club.

I have no say over who plays for the club.

I have no say over what division the club plays in.

The only thing I can do, is buy my season ticket, and cheer the team on.

Which is what I intend to do, no matter who owns it, manages it or plays for it.

That's my statement of intent.


  • Which is why tickets are over-priced, players are paid too much, seats are too small, catering is a disgrace, merchandise is laughably pricey, and there is a complete lack of local identity with the players.

    But even knowing all this, I'm with you Mr Loopy
  • Just read Lennie Lawrence's autobiography. Makes you proud of what has been achieved since the winding-up order dark days.........but also more than a little sad of where things are going of late. Hard to see a positive outcome at the moment, either on or off the field.
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Roland Out!