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Emails with a Southampton Fan.....

You know the story , your email box fills up with all those unread emails and emails in your sent folder at work not deleted for 3 years , well today as i was going through my sent emails i found the following in my sent folder ( i'd forgot i'd sent them) but i thought they made interesting reading.

17 January 2011

Happy New Year.

Turning to an ex player with no Managerial experience is not the way to go, but at least you have new owners that are alive and not dead!!

15 March 2011

Hi *****,

Powell started well and then its gone down hill until you play us. Hope to get to the Charlton away game so we will see if you get back to winning ways.
We are getting results but not playing to well, we have adopted a diamond formation which I don’t think has worked for any other club ! We have a young winger Mark Chamberlins son who is a real star of the future but I expect us to try and pass it around like Arsenal and do to many touches around your area.

May the best team win but you could help us big time as we have to play you twice!!

Hope you are ready for the season starting as it is just showing the shoots of starting.




Good morning ****** , you know things are bad , when you are getting taunted by Millwall fans , or ‘Spanners’ as we like to call them.
You will absolutely muller us at the moment , as we are in free fall , we need to stick with Powell , as I believe if we sack him we will go down , we have had 5 managers in 5 years , here lies the problem , he wants to play the ball to feet and on the ground , but he hasn’t got the personnel to do so. I have written off this season , although I am going to Dagenham and Redbridge away on Saturday , and Bournemouth away in a couple of weeks time.

Am going to a supporters club meeting tonight with Richard Murray our ex Chairman who still , so will be interesting to hear him pull the wool over our eyes! Short term we are screwed , but longer term I am confident given time we will get it right, we are where Saints were pre takeover , we have 13 players out of contract this summer , so will have a good rebuild in the summer, hopefully players with ability and passion for the club.

Some of the players we have at the moment , are the worst Charlton players I have ever seen wearing the shirt.

Things can only get better! I’m sure you’ll go up , so enjoy the rest of the season!

All the best ******

Somethings never change , losing to Millwall , players contracts running out , fans dissatisfied, people saying we'll get relegated if Powell goes.


  • Don't reckon that chamberlain fella will make the grade either.
  • Is the ox injured atm haven't noticed him at arsenal recently
  • Is the ox injured atm haven't noticed him at arsenal recently

    Yes, quite a bad one I think.
  • Oops found some more....

    15 March 2011

    Bloody hell I have never heard you so negative don’t forget we lost against Walsall a couple of weeks ago so we are vulnerable to teams that are not on form.
    Look forward to some banter at the game.


    Negative, no way , I’ve cheered up loads since Saturday! J if you’d seen what i’ve seen you’d understand, your miles ahead of us at the moment , we have gone backwards and are in a relegation dogfight , I think you will score 7 or 8 goals against us over both games (seriously)

    This is Chris Powell’s 1st management job , and a lot of the players can’t be arsed at the moment , which is a big difference, still roll on the summer!

  • This season is becoming very much like
    Powell's first season(or part season) in charge. I'd quite forgotten how dreadful we were - not really sure what the low point was.
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