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Emails from Charlton Life?

edited October 2013 in Troubleshooting
Can somebody please help me, because my inbox is going crazy! Every time somebody comments on the 'looking for work' thread, I seem to get an email informing me. Is this normal for everyone, or can I somehow stop it??

Many Thanks


  • It is.not spam, you have bookmarked the thread and your personal settings receive an email notification on your bookmarked threads.

    Firstly, if on a pc unbookmark it by clickingn the star on the far right of the title.

    Secondly, change your user settings by clicking on your user name then Edit Profile from the drop down button on the right, them Notification Preferences, then untick email against Notify me when someone comments on my bookmarked threads.
  • Thank you- much appreciated.
  • No problem
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