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Electrical help

Got a double dimmer switch that controls either end of lounge. One end has started to flicker unless have turned up to pretty much full brightness. Other set is fine. Also notice the plate thingy the nobs are on is getting quite warm. Is this something obvious I could sort out or do I need a sparky round?


  • You have pretty much concluded that the switch is f***ed.
    Buy an new one and change it yourself.
    You never know, you could have one eye to go with that lung.
  • Sounds like the switch itself if faulty. If you can use an electrical screwdriver it would be cheaper to buy and replace the switch yourself before calling in a spark. TURN OFF SUPPLY FIRST.
  • It's the resistor in the back of the switch is on it's way out need to change it over
  • Thanks all, and those who inboxed me too.
  • The switch could be faulty but the other will be are the lamps normal old style ones or energy saving type? Energy saving ones don't work on dimmers at least not the compact fluorescent ones .
  • You can buy dimmer bulbs that are energy saving two for two quid in tescos
  • Don't buy a cheap switch on the internet. I made that mistake.
  • Don't buy a cheap switch on the internet. I made that mistake.

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  • Check the lamps as well, you can only use certain lamps with dimmers.
  • Perhaps a loose connection, can cause flickering and a buzzing noise.

    MK Edge or Aspect are a good replacement in my view.
  • We got through two new dimmer plates. Our light bulbs seemed to flicker and die at a faster rate than in other rooms, the plate buzzed and got pretty warm. Called in Mr. Sparks who told us that cheap light bulbs don't work well with cheap dimmer plates. Got rid of dimmer plates, bought better quality bulbs and that solved all the problems.
  • All lamps (bulbs are what you grow flowers from) will have a reduced life when operating through a dimmer .

    The only energy saving ones that operate through a dimmer are the halogen ones and a small amount of decent (expensive) LED ones and the halogen ones save nowhere near as much energy as the compact fluorescent lamps.
  • These are ceiling spot lights - been in for about 6/7 years, just affects the one end of the lounge.
    Got someone coming over on Monday so hopefully sort it out.

    thanks again
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