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Clicking between discussions

edited September 2006 in Troubleshooting
Is it possible to go from one discussion to the next without having to go back to the main forum page all the time? Something like the way you can click between threads over on "the other place"...


  • I think what your looking for is a next button.........


    I didnt comment on the 'Charlton Life a month on' thread..... But, for the record I think this place is great and the lack of wind up has really been achieved .......... Good work guys..... keep it up!!!!
  • And another thing. In the list of "who's online", why do I always appear at the bottom? I'm beginning to get paranoid.
  • i would suggest it is done in order of when people registered.

    they say always save the best to last, though at the moment that happens to be 4 guests !
  • Heath, no that's not possible, not because it wouldn't be a good feature, but because the database has to calculate which discussions you've read and which you haven't, so that you jump to any last read comments. In that way, there's no real "next" discussion, because everyone's next discussion is different from all others. Does that make sense? It's to do with the Discussion page and the fact that unread Comments bump Discussions to the top, which is user-specific obviously. Which is one thing that I really like about this. I think it has the best features of the old thread and topic discussion view.

    But, if you look in your control panel, you can see various shortcuts, to "Your Discussions", "Browsing HIstory" and "Whispered Discussions" and you can skip directly to them when you see new comments. Slightly helpful for what you want ;-)

    Yeah, the Who's Online sorts by length of membership
  • I see.

    I think.

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