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  • Horrible, horrible disease. I saw my second cousin at a funeral last October and he was fine. In the previous year he had cycled Lands End to John O'Grouts and across America East to West for charity. A really fit guy. Now, in a year, he is reliant on care for everything and I mean everything. He was talking with the aid of a computer but can't even do that now as he can't even tap on the keyboard. He won't allow any visitors and won't go out. His wife, battling back from her second bout of cancer, can barely leave him for ten minutes such are his needs. And they are the nicest couple you could ever wish to meet. It's upsetting me just typing this. This world is so unfair sometimes.
  • Wonderful player and I wish him well.
  • Horrible, horrible condition! I had a friend who was diagnosed and the major blessing was that he only survived 18 months. A real living death and I feef greatly for FR and his friends and familiy :-(
  • Was not expecting this! Brilliant player in his day. Thoughts are with him and his family.
  • Good player, best wishes for him in coping with this
  • Nasty. Why is this world so cruel? This is why I can't believe in God.

    Is this what Hawkins has? How come he's survived so long then?
  • I think Hawkins is an anomaly. The average lifespan after being diagnosed with MND is about 18 months. Obviously some live longer and some live less. Maybe Hawkins is a 'lucky' one.
  • Shit... My thoughts are with him - I lost my grandad to this real nasty disease back in 2002!!!
  • Wouldn't wish that disease on anyone, work colleague had it and truly heartbreaking watching his demise
  • a fine fine player and man

    good luck Fernando
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    My father in law died of MND. I'm sure many on here would have seen him in his wheelchair at Sparrows Lane and Selhurst.

    As said above, a truly heartbreaking disease.
  • Is it a rare disorder? Seems like lots of people know someone
  • I think 1 in 50,000 a year contract it.
  • Don Revie, the Leeds and England manager, died from Motor Neurone Disease, I seem to remember.

  • Good player.

    Wish him well.
  • Thoughts are with him and his family. I lost my uncle to MND 10 years ago and to watch his deterioration was heartbreaking. Horrible disease.
  • My girlfriend's best mate's mother died of MND quite recently. Devastating and horribly fast moving as to go from being normal, happy and active to being dead in 6 months is terrifying.
  • Christ sounds horrific.
  • such sad news thoughts with him and this family
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