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Strange Place Names

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just spotted a place in Northern Territory, Australia called Bing Bong. Made me laugh. Any others, especailly if you've been there.


  • Pratts Bottom always works for me....
  • I used to work on an online mapping application and during the work on it we came across the following:

    Shitlington Crags
    fanny barks
  • Best one i saw was the village of Ugley.

    And it had a women's institute which was refused permission to vary it's name to the Women's institute of Ugley so was called "the Ugley womens institute"!
  • There's a place near Hastings called Ore and the medical centre there is Ore Clinic!
  • Have been to Muff, not sure if there was a diving club there. Donegal Ireland.
  • I always liked Badgers Mount down by 7oaks!
  • A place near Sandwich called Ham. They appear on the same roadside...
  • I'm sure there's a place called "Bell End" in Wales?

    Oh, and Porkpie's favourite "Chorlton Cum Hardy"
  • There's an area of Cheltenham called "Charlton Kings" - always smile when I drive past the sign :o)
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  • Thong. Near Gravesend
  • There's a place called Loose (near Maidstone). I think they have a Womens Institute...
  • Paraparaumu..

    Town my family are from in New Zealand
  • In Sandwich you also have "No name St"
  • [cite]Posted By: guinnessaddick[/cite]Have been to Muff, not sure if there was a diving club there. Donegal Ireland.

    There's a Muff in Co Cavan Ireland too that me & my cousin's used to go to the annual fair. Used to make us laugh when we said we were off to the 'Fair 'n' Muff'.................well, we were young & in those days there wasn't much doing in Ireland.

    I know someone who left these fair shores to live in Moosehead Canada. Always thought that was a wicked place to live!
  • [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]Pratts Bottom always works for me....

    I was brought up in Pratts Bottom. The name is clearly funny but when you've grown up with it you kind of forget.

    I remember my first job in the City. I was taken to lunch and with everybody crowded around, the inevitable question was asked. Suddenly all eyes were on me. I could suddenly feel myself blushing slightly'

    "I live somewhere near Orpington"

    "Where abouts?"

    "between Orpington and Sevenoaks"

    "What station do you come in from?"


    mild giggling

    "Where's it near?"

    "Badgers Mount"

    louder tittering

    "Come on where exactly do you live"

    "Oh all right then - Pratts Bottom"

    guffaws of laughter

    "Do you live up to your name?"

    more guffaws

    "Well" said I, "It depends where abouts you live in the village as to whether you are a Pratt or a Bottom"

    even more guffaws

    "Which are you?"

    stiffled laughter

    "Oh I'm a Bottom." I said

    hysterical laughter

    I dined out on that one for yonks.
  • i decided avoiding 'cock alley' when we played chesterfield.
  • On the way to the french alps just outside Albertville is "Pussy"
  • There's a street called 'whip-ma-whop-ma-gate' in York
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    I used to drive past a pub near Edenbridge somewhere called 'The cocks inn'
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  • I've been to the arse end of nowhere a few times, and have also been to Focking in belgium pronounced.. yep you guessed it!
  • Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu on the southern end of the North Island New Zealand. Its even longer thatn that welsh place.
  • what,cardiff?
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    There is this from somewhere in Norway:

    Also this sign might raise a laugh or two:
  • There used to be a "Grope C*nt Lane" in London somewhere - so called because it was where the laydeez of the night used to hang out.

    (I'm serious - do a Google search if you don't believe me!)
  • That was the old name for Threadneedle Street wasn't it? (And threadneedle's also meant to be a euphemism apparently) Funnily enough they don't appear to mention this on the Bank of England website.
  • "cumledge". a small town in the scottish borders region.
    or a shelf in a knocking shop that needs wiping.
  • [cite]Posted By: F-Blocker[/cite]There's an area of Cheltenham called "Charlton Kings" - always smile when I drive past the sign :o)

    Yes - I've got a picture from many years ago of me standing next to the sign.
    Was in Orkney at the weekend, and drove past a house called Leaburn....!
  • Where my other half's grandparents live in Somerset

    (must be said with a West Country accent) Peasdown Saint John
  • Fanny
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