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Can someone tell me...



  • shirty5 said:

    The right 11 played, but not in the right positions.

    All the right notes, just not in the right order

  • Strange, strange decision to accomodate Jacko in the middle. It was when he started playing left-mid that I realised Powelly had lost the plot!
  • I saw it as a narrow midfield three with Stephens playing on the right of it. In effect we played without a right midfielder allowing Wilson space to attack down that flank. As some other posters have said, right midfield is not right wing, therefore Stephens was not playing as a winger.

    To me it was a tad baffling and whilst Pritchard has had a fairly poor season it did seem the type of game that might have played to his strengths. Our four best midfielders available are those who played yesterday. Jackson and Evina on the left would not have worked so Powell chose this formation. I am sure he thought a lot about it prior to making the decision and had his reasons.
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