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Solly and Wiggins


  • Being rested at the request of their new clubs? :-0
  • Both injured today?

    Heard that Solly cant play 3 games in 8 days and Wiggins other half gave birth
  • Rested so that there not injured in the transfer window next week
  • Chris wont go now,who would pay money for someone with a dodgy knee,but if we look after him we will get more Charlton games from him
  • Heard the same, Solly's knee no longer allows him to play games in quick succession and Wiggins was with his expecting misses
  • Made sense not play Solly 2 consecutive games on a heavy pitch so as to avoid injury. Hope the transfer suggestions are tongue in cheek as Solly is sorely missed when he doesn't play. It also had a knock on effect of taking Wilson out of the right midfield position and bringing Stephens into that position. That right midfield position is not good, definitely needs strengthening if Charlton are going to move up the table. Sell Solly and we risk relegation, it is as simple as that.
  • Induce Wiggins mrs inbetween games next time Evina is not good enough
  • Missed them both today. Hopefully we'll get something from Piswich on Wednesday with them playing.
  • Keeping them fresh for the cup match.
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