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Bumped into RD

edited December 2013 in General Charlton
I’m not saying that I’m in the know or anything but….RD popped into my local after the match on Sunday for a couple of swift ones before heading to City Airport or Stratford….both on the same line. I was at the bar at the time when he was ordering so was able to have a quick word with him on what he’s up to in SE London. I can’t repeat everything he said to me as some of it was in confidence and stuff…He’s also very difficult to understand with his French/Flemish/Walloon accent….especially when he uses foreign words like Bitcoins and chamois leather but I think I managed to get the gist of what he was waffling on about.
I first asked him whether he’s actually signed on the dotted line and handed over the spondoolies to Cash/Jiminez/Slater or whoever. His reply was kind of vague but it sounded like “…got to first have a barnie AVeC the Council (I think “avec” is French for “with”)…and somebody like Monsieur Robers about a moo to a shyte in Greenwich”. You can see already, I was up against it from the start...this would not be the usual chinwag you have in the pub. And I thought that the previous owners were poor at communicating….you aint heard nothing yet…..!
I then asked about the state of the pitch and about giving SCP several million quid for some players (yeah, I thought that was pretty good – getting two questions in for the price of one). But his response was again somewhat bizarre. It sounded like he wanted to speak to a Kenny Everitt about a communications job before sorting out the team and the pitch as this is more important because he knows little English and he wants to be one of the Pans people …..I though Kenny Everitt had died some time ago or at least stopped working… but I didn’t let on. And as for Pans people….well I did say it was a bizarre response.
He was now knocking back his pint and about to start on the tequila when I mentioned Charlton Life….when he finished spluttering and had removed the lemon from his nose he started crying. It looked like tears running down his cheeks…..blubbering something like “qu’il repose en paix”. I couldn’t believe it. A man of his stature….and loads of dosh…. crying……what a fucking whoosy! RD then garbled about being a phantom opera on the site and some modern generator closed a flipping takeover post. He then muttered something like he had taken it personally, feeling that he contributed to its downfall. Not sure what he was going on about nor can I say that I was bothered but I knocked back my beer and sneaked off for a ruby…..fucking daft foreigners! ;0)


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