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Players out of the squad

Lost track of many of them, and hadn't realised how many are injured / dissapeared! I make it 6...does anyone have answers please.

Hamer - when is he back from injury?
Cort - when is he back from injury - has he played at all this season yet?
Harriott - is he injured or bad form keeping him out?
Pritchard - is he injured?
Gower - injured?
Cook - injured?


  • Gower is the one, seems to have fallen off the face of the planet.
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    Cort had a set back with his "knee" & I don't think he'll be back anytime soon.

    Hamer must be nearly ok, but can't see him displacing Alnwick at the mo.

    The other 4 aren't playing well enough to challenge for a place at present, although I now believe that Harriot has a thigh injury.

    Cousins came in for Gower & that ain't gonna change is it ?
  • Agree that likes of Gower would not get in the team but was surprised that Pritch, Gower and Harriot did not at least make the subs bench v Wednesday. Gower or Pritch are a better bet than a had it Hughes surely? And i would rather Harriot than Green.

    Cook seemed to get on the bench v Brighton then with Pritch, Solly and Wiggins all missing he was dropped from the bench v Weds?
  • Powell like's to rotate the subs for match day experience. even though he has no intentions of bringing them on :)
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    Adam Addick said on the 'Cameron Stewart to Leeds' thread earlier that Harriot had tweeted last Saturday week he had a thigh injury.
  • Should've had Pritch on the right against the Wendies with Stephens in the centre. Oh well.
  • Cook is currently using the nandos diet as a way of keeping himself fit by the looks of his twitter feed.
  • Andy Hughes?
  • Danny Hollands? Just looked him up: 'In August 2013 he joined Gillingham on a three-month loan.' I'm guessing that was extended but I don't remember any news.
  • Andy Hughes?

    Was on the bench against Wednesday.

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  • Gower wouldn't be much use on that pitch at the moment.

    Hughes played as recently as Yeovil away (gave away the penalty).

    Think Cort may have played against Oxford in the League Cup?
  • Those that are fit should surely get a run out v Oxford?
  • Does anyone know if Chris Solly has had a recurrence of his injury and whether he will be back against Ipswich ?
  • Brian said:

    Does anyone know if Chris Solly has had a recurrence of his injury and whether he will be back against Ipswich ?

    If the original rumors are true he had the same injury as ledley king so 3 games in 8 days probably to much for him and needed to be rested
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