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Happy New Year

Don't know if it's already been done but I intend to be in no state to do it later:)

Happy 2014 to all my fellow lifers and let's hope it brings us all we wish!



  • This time next year we'll be...........skint probably!

    Happy new year to all.
  • Happy New takeover Year!
  • Happy New Year to all of you, here's hoping we can stick together. LLL & BH an' all that.
  • Happy new year all of you Charlton Lifers Best of wishes for 2014 xxx
  • Happy Hogmanay to Addicks everywhere
  • I repeat my comments of last year! A Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2015 to you all.
  • Here are My Wishes for You..
    H-Hours of happy times with friends and family
    A-Abundant time for relaxation
    P-Plenty of love when you need it the most
    Y-Youthful excitement at life simple pleasures

    N-Nights of restful slumber
    E-Everything you need
    W-Wishing you love and light

    Y-Years and years of good health
    E-Enjoyment and mirth
    A-angels to watch over you
    R-Remembrance of a happy years!

    Happy New Year
  • happy new ear y'all
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