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Maidstone to Wigan

anyone driving?

want to give me a lift?

130quid for train at this point.

valley away coaches don't seem feasible from maidstone

will happily chip in for fuel.
can be chatty or silent according to your needs ;)



  • i could maybe make the valley away coach from bromley at 7.45 if it leaves near bromley south station

    but i imagine id get back pretty late... and have a flight from gatwick next morning, so a lift would still be much better

    does valley away leave from bromley south?
    what time would it get back?

    anybody want to just drive me?
  • Can u not pick the coach up in larkfield ? Only a couple of miles from maidstone?or do they not pick up there anymore?
  • due to pick up at Larkfield at 7.05
  • Bromley North is the coach pick up
  • good info... will look up larkfield

    don't know the area well...

    thx, guys

  • just looked it up... larkfield doesn't appear to have a train station

    where is the pick up point?

    anybody know how i'd get from maidstone to pick up point by 7.05 on sat morning?

    bus? taxi only choice?

    cheers for any info
  • You can get a bus from Maidstone to Larkfield. The pick up there is normally opposite The Spotted Cow pub out side The Wealden Hall restaurant.
  • ps ask if they are picking up at The Sommerfield Hospital, London Road. That is close to Maidstone town centre and quite walkable.
  • is Maidstone CASC still in existance ? Is Sue still running it ?

    Might be an idea Siv emailing whoever runs it these days. they might know of a regular away traveller who lives near where you are staying who might be willing to car share / pick you up on way to the Larkfield pick-up
  • As far as I know, Sue still runs Maidstone CASC . Her contact details should be on the link on the OS
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  • Could possibly have a spare car seat from Maidstone on Saturday - but won't know until Wednesday morning.

    We won't be coming back until Sunday though.
  • all good info guys...

    thx for potential possible offer addickted
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