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A man united fan, a Liverpool fan and a Newcastle fan

Tomorrow I am taking a man united fan , Liverpool fan and Newcastle fan . They all live in Maidstone area . My primary objective is to sort there lives out . By doing this I must show them what it's like to support your local team on the weekends ! Funnily enough I took them to the to the Barnsley game (cancelled) . And I feel tomorrow we could get a good hiding. We are driving up there and I want to give them the whole football experience and change there evil ways ! Any suggestions ? Pubs around the ground ?


  • You are a brave man, good luck.
  • Funny thing is when they ask who your players are you may be as clueless as them.
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    Tell the Newcastle fan that he is a long way from home oh and pardew should not of been sacked from Charlton really we should of given him more time.

  • If you are going to Wigan surely the Wigan Pier pub has to be done. Can't remember it being anything out of the ordinary though.
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