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  • I think these players are advised, by their agents, to be such ar$eholes that the club will feel that they have no choice but to sell them. It's funny that it seems to be Villa, the same team that turned Stephen's head and then refused to pay what we wanted for him. £1m for a player with that much Premier League experience (despite being 31) seems very, very cheap to me.

    I guess that if you can't get the deal done by paying a decent transfer fee for the player just convince him to make his position untenable and then the club will desperate to sell him.

    I note that he was not calling Norwich a crappy club when they were promoted to the Premier League and, presumably, gave him a big pay rise.

    As bad as it is that football has become so greedy it pales into insignificance when compared to the behavior of some players. They are, clearly, so spoiled that they can't accept it when they can't get their own way!
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