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A song for Polish Pete

Pete the pole (pole)
Always scoring the goals
You've got the power we know
You're indestructible
Always believe in Pete the pole
Tune to spandau ballet (gold)

Who's that scoring goals? Who's that scoring goals? Polish Polish Polish Pete.

He scores goals
The pole
He scores goals
Polish Pete
He scores goals.

Just having a laugh.
Anymore for anymore ?


  • A couple from yesterdays thread....

    Who's that banging in the hat tricks
    I ear e's also good at fixing taps
    Cos his name is Polish Pete
    And he scores with both his feet
    Next season he'll be playing for Liege


    Polish Pete
    Polish Pete
    Simon Church just cant compete
    He just cant stop scoring
    Simon thinks its boring
    Polish Pete the new Mendonca's here
  • He's Pete...the Pole
    He's gonna score a goal
    Polish Pete, Polish Peeete
  • What about one for reza

    Aye aye aye aye gucci
    Aye aye aye aye gucci
  • He doesn't like being called Gucci.

    And no one can pronounce Ghoonathingmyjig.

    Just Reza.
  • When he was interviewed it sounds like his first name is more 'Rayza' than 'Rezzer'.
  • Its Dave and Pete get use to it.
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    He came here for a cleaners job Pitor pitor

    But Powell was short and signed him up Pitor pitor

    His from Poland and his six foot two, he scores the goals for me and you

    Pitor Parzyszek, Charlton's 26!


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  • Have I stumbled on a UKIP sing song by mistake?
  • Oh Reza woahh
    Oh Reza woahh
    he comes from Bongo Bongo land
    he didn't cost a pound
    (and definitely not a euro.)
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  • He's plumbing for you
    he's plumbing for you
    Piotr Parzyszek
    he's plumbing for you.
  • Oh Polish Pete.. Oh Polish Pete
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