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If Powell had been sacked / walked this week.....

Then even though I think we all know in our hearts we'll be getting some unknown European next, we would all be going crazy on here tonight wanting McDermott to be our next manager ?


  • Was thinking that when reading about BD getting binned.

    Could do ALOT worse if CP left.
  • I suspect the set up would completely change
    You'd have DOF and a coach who basically coached and pick from what he was given.
    People will say this is the European way
  • The manager should be given control over the team and transfers. The problem though, most managers are dumb. Curbs was very good with managing money, then look at Dowie and Pardew, came in and pissed away ten million each.
  • no way

    Don't rate him Lancs ?

  • id rather have him that Avram (short time--i love very much) Grant
  • Nothing against McDermott. Think I'd be beyond caring if CP had gone though.
  • "Nathan Jones, you've been gone too long" :0)
  • I think we will lose CP by the end of his contract. RD will then introduce a DoF to recruit players and a manager to make the players who he is given perform
  • I'd love BD to manage us.

    BDL that is.
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  • Nathan Jones seconded
  • If Powell had been sacked / walked this week.....

    ...then I'd be looking forward to some freed-up weekends and Tuesday nights.
  • Unless there's a decent out of contract midfielder, or a decent midfielder as emergency loan then this a relegation squad. I like the look of the strikers but without the service they ain't gonna score. RD is overhauling the team to be competitive in league one.
  • If Powell had been sacked / walked this week.....

    ...then I'd be looking forward to some freed-up weekends and Tuesday nights.

  • vffvff
    edited January 2014
    With Alnwick going, Stephens going and not replaced, KMG going, when he could have been kept and the French striker not arriving, RD is showing his big balls and pissing all over CP ground. RD wants the coach to play the players he wants. He doesn't want a manager, he wants a Euro style coach and I don't think that I will be very surprised if CP is still manager in 2 weeks time. I just hope that he stays around long enough for the fans to give him a fond fairwell at the Valley.

    Without improvements, the team is a relegation team. CP is on a hiding to nothing and RD is forcing him to walk. Then RD can get the coach he wants in. The only problem is that coach going to be running a team that is getting a hiding for the rest of the season and will they want to do that ?

    I sincerely hope RD gives respect to the Charlton supporters who mostly love CP and allow CP an amicable settlement on the contract so that CP can walk away with his head held high. If RD plays hard ball and continues to humilate CP, that will not be good.

  • CP will leave with his head held high whatever happens. We will have it no other way.
  • Think everybody has lost the plot, where are we at the moment, bottom 3 because we are not a good team, thats with all these so good players that have left, Dale Stephens was often dropped from the team by CP for no good reason, Yan has not been that great. Why not think great new players might get us out of this mess, to be honest CP has not been doing that great picks the team out of a hat, picks Pritchard ( a joke in this division) as much as I love CP we are in bottom 3 and no win for 10 games in the league a lot of managers would be sacked anyway for that record, lost at home to Millwall, yes we have had the odd good result but overall rubbish. So come on lets give these new players our support, come on you reds.
  • He'd be absolutely entitled to walk under the circumstances. I'd hazard a guess that Curbs would have done.
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