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Jonathon Barnett, Agent

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Fined 100 grand with licence suspended for 18 months. Fair treatment ?

Think the FA have handled this one pretty well. Looks as if they wanted to 'make a statement' and get tougher with agents.

Am i right in thinking he is also Darren Bent's agent ?


  • Think they have done all they can do - but £100k not a lot to Barnett. He's also got connections at the Arsenal and Spurs probably why it was such a small fine.

    On another note.

    I had his son working with us on Work experience last year - Barnett knows a few of the Parners here. He was one arrogant little **** I tell ya.

    A few of my lads wanted to slap him. He would be like "oh was out last night dad gave me £500 for a few drinks for me and my friends"

    In the end one of the lads said to him "do you realise these "FRIENDS" are only your friends cos you pay for everything you bloody idiot.
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    I think its disgraceful to be honest.

    Most of these agents work for big media companies and Barnett's clients will just be passed onto another one of his colleagues. Barnett will still be brokering deals make no mistake of that.

    Also £100k is not much to him i doubt, he would make that easily off of one of the many deals he makes over the course of a year.

    I know the FA are trying to look like they are making a stand against cheats and the grey areas of football but i just feel that they don't have the balls to do something radical at the top end of the game. They will quite easily dock Rotherham 10 points but when it comes to dealing with the big boys then a insignificant fine and a telling off will suffice.

    I feel that the whole process is grossly unfair and will not change in the future.

    Gone off a bit of a tangent there but i feel better!

    By the way, i don't know if he is Bent's agent.

    yes he is.
  • you guys a right, i've been a bit naive in it.

    Little bit of digging shows that his company, Stellar Group, of which he is chairman, has quite literally hundreds of footballers on their books, over 300 in the UK alone.

    All that will happen is another agent of the company will take over as the lead role. In fact, i can't see his day to day dealings changing much whatsoever.

    As well as Bent, he also has Matt Holland and Simon Walton.

    Full list here:
  • ha ha

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  • 9 months of the suspension is suspended and no doubt the fine will be reduced when he appeals.

    Cynical, who's cynical?
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