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Bromley Addicks vs City Addicks

edited September 2006 in General Charlton
Bromey Addicks are organised and structured.

Bromey Addicks ask insightful, probing questions

Bromley Addicks sit respectfully, given the speaker opportunities to consider answers

Bromley Addicks absorb the information provided to them

City Addicks gets ex-players drunk



  • indeed... and its only a few certain city addicks that have to dig deep into their pockets to get the players drunk....

    no wonder we can only afford to organise one a year. we cant have Hales and Youds there... ill definitely have to take a cap round.
  • Curb_It, you need a much older, matriarchal figure to do a raffle too.

    Myself and Rothko had no pounds for the raffle and were looked at like we'd blasphemed in church.
  • but then Henry has a flask, so he's selling out big time
  • The totally unstructured approach and the feeling of being part of a rabble, makes the city addicks meeting really enjoyable.

    Curb-it - when is the next one?
  • 16th November
  • No guests confirmed yet. That is my task on Sunday, Bernard from the FPA thinks i shoudl ask personally.... with his help hopefully.

    i might get robbo in a headlock and tell him he owes us one for his no show last time.
  • With no disrespect to Henry or the Bromley posse, I couldn't help noticing most of the people there were north of 50 - in fact, Henry was particularly noticable by his youth.

    It set me wondering - is the future in looser, less formal gatherings like City Addicks, and are formal supporters' clubs dying out? Or is it just at Charlton? Or am I just being stupid?
  • The problem with any formal club, is finding the people who can invest the time to help organise and attend the meetings. This is getting harder and harder as people get busier and busier. Those with the time tend to be older.

    My cricket club used to have a very well organised AGM - with election of players, committee members, minutes of meetings etc etc. But who has the time? Now we just meet up prior to the season ,to press gang a skipper and raise any issues. Its then off for a game of snooker and a curry.

    The new generation also seem less willing to be dictated to by a club structure, and seem to thrive off informality.
  • I agree about the age profile last night but it is noticable that when we (Bromley Addicks not CASC) have current players the crowd has more younger faces and lots of kids. I think it's the nature of fans that only some are interested in coaches and directors and many younger fans are put ogg coming thinking it is going to be too formal which while it is structured I don't think it is.

    I enjoy CIty Addicks and as people aren't driving home as is the case at Bromley more fans get drunk. And no one asks questions about outdoor acts of oral sex at Bromley ; )
  • [cite] Henry Irving:[/cite] And no one asks questions about outdoor acts of oral sex at Bromley ; )

    In fairness, Curb It has always answered the question honestly :-)
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  • oops,

    i thought you would of been gone by now !
  • What? and then delete it by the morning?
  • Sevenokas always used to get the religious ones.

    Morts, Rufus, Keith Jones.

    We had to say grace before we could tuck into the food.
  • anyone else working in the City ever seen Martin Robinson wandering around ? I've seen him a number of times. Wonder where he works ?
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