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Johnnie Jackson - Girly Balls

No, not the latest insult to fly from the terraces at our glorious, if slightly pedestrian, skipper. It's his take on the FA cup balls with which I entirely concur.


  • Actually the interesting bit from the article is the inference that the overseas players don't know much about/don't give a toss about the FA cup.
  • I was more interested in what he had to say about Thuram!

    “He trains hard, but his style is a bit different to what we are used to.

    “It’s the European style of goalkeeping - it’s a bit more flamboyant. They tend to punch a lot more than English goalkeepers.

    “But as long as he keeps it out of the goal that’s fine. His English is good and when you get to know him he is quite vocal on the pitch. He is a big guy and isn’t afraid to say his bit.”
  • A little bit cheeky coming from someone with a penchant for red boots!
    (I wonder if he's a freeballer as well as a footballer just to validate the well-known saying?)
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