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Andy Hughes

The interview he gives on CAFC Player after the Sheffield Wednesday game is a gem - what a great bloke. He must be wonderful to have around, encouraging the young players.


  • Not sure Simon Church enjoyed making out though :-)
  • No, not that one which is a real laugh, the other interview where he talks about the young players - fantastically positive and modest. Top top bloke.
  • OOh got a link?

  • For those of you who haven't seen him invade Churchy's interview.
  • I also thought it was a good interview.

    I thought it quite telling the comment he made around Hamer having the potential to be the best keeper in the division (says that Schmeichel at Leicester is the best at present) and lets see if he now keeps the jersey after that performance. Said that possesion is nine tenths of the law (or something along those lines). Sounded like a bit of a dig at the inclusion of Thuram and whoever's decision that is!

    Then again it could just be me putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5!
  • Just seen it. Great man to have around the squad. How many times do you hear of senior players moaning that they need 1st team football, yet Andy is full of praise for the lads, especially Cousins & Poyet, telling them that now they've got those shirts, hang onto them.

    Really hope we can keep him at the club when he hangs up his boots...................
  • Churchy looks nervous of Hughesy
  • What a guy to have in the dressing room, training, dugout.

    Then when he does get on the bench we are unbeaten
  • very very good ... great character to have in the squad
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    I hope he is retained at Charlton when his playing days are over. Maybe even signed as a player/coach role or something next season if we still need him to make up the squad numbers. He obviously has a great attitude. I always liked him as a player and just wish we had had him when he was younger. He's not really playing much now for understandable reasons but is always positive and supporting the other players, especially the youngsters and happily gets on with things when he is called upon even if it's only for a few minutes.

    I don't know if he's publicly said what he wants to do next in his career but I definitely think if he wants to go down the coaching or management route then I'd be happy if he's with us while doing his badges and stuff.

  • If he goes down the pundit line he'd certainly be a funny character to listen to on Monday night football
  • If he goes down the pundit line he'd certainly be a funny character to listen to on Monday night football

    Too right.
    Ever watched soccer saturday? supposedly the panel are full of banter and always laughing... bar Kamara they are a load of drips.
    Get Hughesy on there, he'll liven it right up
  • If he goes down the pundit line he'd certainly be a funny character to listen to on Monday night football

    Be able to understand him for one
  • If he went the punditry route i'm sure he'll improve the banter on there

  • top man , was at the gym when he was coming back from injury. in there every morning before going to training and his watch the dedication he put in was amazing. still in there now before training each morning legend and very fit.
    even though he cant bench that much :-)
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