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Idea for the Forum

Okay people might think this idea is complete and utter dogshit...

Basically I dont know bout anyone else but can find it confusing and annoying when you get three Threads created about Ben Hamer and other players after something happens (whether it be how they did in a match / their Contract etc...) then you also god knows how many Powell Out Threads when we lose and the same amount of Powell In Threads when we win (I am "Powell In" man before anyone asks)

My idea would be to have another Category created (I dont know if this is even possible) entitled "Players / Management" and have one thread per player (two for Powell (one being for the "Out" lot and a second being for the "In" lot)) that joins us so anything that wants to be discussed about said individual gets put in the appropriate thread (with the title being changed whenever there is important news on various pages... i.e. Yann Kermorgant (Ed: Signing for Bournemouth Pg.51)

Of course it could just be me that think this would be a good idea so if that is the case just ignore me and I'll wander back to my lil corner lol!


  • I think people should just use 1 thread and not have an ego which makes them think there opinion needs a whole thread if its own. Search function is good too, as is bothering to look for threads on the same subject that are already on the main page :)
  • Good idea, but I don't think it would stop anyone starting a new thread rather than take 10 seconds to search for an existing one.
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    I try to remember to use an appropriate "category" when I start a thread. But, when viewing threads, for some reason I never click on different categories. I just click the"forum" button at the top of the page. Which kind of shows that I don't pay any attention to the different category options at all but prefer to pick and choose from the full list! Is that unusual - do others give preference to a subject's category?
  • Good idea, but I don't think it would stop anyone starting a new thread rather than take 10 seconds to search for an existing one.

    Yeah this was the one draw back I was thinking of... the only way to counter it would be to close the new Thread once its been opened and ask people to use the appropriate one but that would require a lot of maintenance I'm guessing
  • Trouble is, is for people like me who only go on this using their mobile, te search function is non existent..
  • I think there is a lot of "thread spam" about some subjects partly because the front page of the forum shows individual threads rather than a list of categories, as is probably the more common type of forum format. It means I tend to lose sight of existing threads, even where they're still on the front page. That's not intended as a criticism of CL; there are pros and cons of either format.
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