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A plea to Charlton, and a tale of devotion and stubbornness and the great NHS

My father, a supporter and season ticket holder of 60+ years and I (only 30+ years) were at the QPR game on Saturday. I picked him up from home as usual, we chatted in Crossbars as usual, and as it turned out fortunately didn't bicker during the game and we leapt in the air with everyone else when Jackson put the ball in the net. What my father didn't tell me was that that morning he had woken up feeling unwell and when he got home he felt unwell, but didn't want to bother us so didn't say anything - had he told me I would never have let him go to footie, and he knew that of course - but he won't miss a home game unless he's on his death bed. As it turned out, he very nearly was as at some point during that day he suffered a heart attack. Stubbornness and devotion got him to the game last Saturday and on Sunday morning when he woke up in agony and was rushed to hospital with sirens blaring up to Kings stubbornness got him through it. Its been a huge life-changing knock to him but he's coming home tomorrow, slightly damaged but well enough to chat non stop to me about footie for the last few days. I've told him thats it for this season, footie has to take a back seat for the first time in his life but he has told me that if we get to Wembley he will be there. So a very big thank you to the staff at Kings Hospital who were absolutely incredible and please please Charlton, we won't be there again this season but get us to Wembley if you can, but if we don't make it, please make sure we stay up - it'll cheer my dad up no end. He does so love his Charlton and I think you owe him.

Apologies, I don't post on here often but I felt the need to share.


  • get well soon :)
  • Hope your Dad gets better soon.
  • Good team talk there! All the best to your father.
  • Hope the old man is soon up and about and cheering us on again
    All the best
  • They don't make 'em like they used to ! best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • All the best to you and your Dad BC.
  • Phew ! That sounds like a close shave !

    Take care, BC Snr and see you at Wembley.
  • All the best to you and your dad bc. I can relate too... My dad is now 83, and had to stop going to the valley about 7 years ago. He has been to 2 cup finals with cafc... I hope he gets to see us twice more at Wembley!
  • I know how you feel same thing happened to my old man few months ago really puts things into perspective.

  • best wishes for a full recovery
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  • best wishes to you and your dad Billy.....the OP would make a great team talk
  • Best of luck
  • Wishing your dad a speedy recovery BC. Let's hope the lads can do him proud for the rest of the season.
  • Best of luck to your old man, hope he makes a full recovery.....and lets hope the boys get to Wembley!
  • Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery to your dad.
  • Come on Charlton get there for billys dad
  • Best wishes.
  • No need to apologise, it's nice to hear he is on the mend.

    If we do get to Wembley please make sure you give him the best day out he could have imagined (not too much excitement though).

  • My dads 83 and was the one who got me supporting Charlton
    Would love to get to Wembley and him come with me for for one last game together as he's not been for about 12 years now
    Would still need persuading as he's a stuburn old git
    And likes to remember how wembley and the twin towers was in 98 and the mendonca hatrick
  • Hope Your Dad has a speedy road back to full health via Wembley with the lads in red and white.
    My Dad is no longer with us but he is still at every game at the Valley 'watching from his final resting place in the South East Corner. Cherish every day Billy. COYA
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  • All the best to your father's recovery. I have a feeling Charlton will make him a happy man this season still.
  • Thanks for your comments everyone, its much appreciated and my dad is chuffed to bits. He's home now and resting, and counting down the days to 9 March ....
  • Nice story, hope your dad makes a speedy recovery, story brought back memmories of going with my dad (RIP 1981), he had bad arthritus but still managed to get to the Valley and it was only the dreaded cancer that finally put a stop to him attending matches.
  • Best wishes to your dad. Hope he's back to the Valley soon!
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