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New Railcard - Two people get a third off travel

This will be handy for those who do a few away games with the same person:

"A new national railcard allowing two people travelling together to save a third on train fares has gone on sale. The £30-a-year "Two Together Railcard" can be used on journeys after 09:30 on weekdays and all day at weekends by two named and photographed people."

Although I'm having to cut down on away games, one trip to Yorkshire and you've got your money back here.


  • Looks good, I usually get the Network Card (just SE England) and a couple of trips up to London and we get our money back....may have to look into getting one of these.
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    That is very interesting.
  • I'm in my last year of my Young Person's but can't see this working out for me - I have a pretty efficient car and I already pay tax/insurance/maintenance for it, so even with a third off a ticket, most long-distance train journeys cost more than the fuel I use. Factor in I usually have my missus in the car with me and I spend less than half on a round trip somewhere than I do on a advance return journey.

    Honestly, if they want more people to use trains, they need to stop pointless gimmicks like this and lower the price across the board. Even the Megabus is a more attractive option compared to shelling out the equivalent of a year's road tax for a return journey between London and Leeds?
  • Still not as good a deal as the Virgin traveller card.
  • Hate the feckin trains being all privatised, a rail card shoud work for the whole country and not just areas
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    buckshee said:

    Still not as good a deal as the Virgin traveller card.

    I've never met one mate
  • buckshee said:

    Still not as good a deal as the Virgin traveller card.

    Do you get cheap travel in caravans with this then?
  • This is superb news as I'm in the last year of being applicable for the Young Persons Railcard.
  • I have a senior (over 60) railcard, it saves me a lot of money along with my free bus pass which is valid anywhere in the country for 'local' journeys .. it's still nice to drive to matches sometimes though, specially in early autumn and springtime
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