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Addicks in Sydney

Anyone in Sydney know where to watch the game on Sunday?


  • When i was in Sydney, i always used to end up at the casino in Pyrmont to watch our games (at some unholy hour)
  • If you are near a TV its live on ESPN at 9pm
  • My house if you want to make your way up to Dural.
  • I watched england v Argentina (owen goal) in the Kings Cross Hotel many years ago. What a dump. I thought it had ended 1-1 for months and only found out about owens goal from a very old paper! Lol, too drunk. It was 20 hours into an all dayer!

    CBH was always a great boozer for footy games in those days.
  • Check the listings over the weekend on ESPN as currently its showing the full length telecast of Arse V Everton at 9pm Sunday night (mid-day UK time) and a delayed telecast of Sheff Utd V Charlton at 10.55pm AEST......hope they just have the wrong info on Foxtel...mind you I seem to remember ESPN changing one of our games for an obscure game in Scotland last season at the last minute....
  • Doesn't the game kick off at 11pm our time? In which case ESPN is showing the game live. I could have missed a change in clocks of course. Perhaps addick2000 is in perth?
  • No, sorry that's my is live at 11pm. For some strange reason I had a 9 hr time zone difference running through my head.....I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • I'll be over in Sydney in July/August to visit my brother - if any of you Addicks are around, it would be nice to meet up for a schooner or two so that we can either celebrate staying up or think up rude nicknames for Roland!
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