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Give us a job ?

edited September 2006 in General Charlton

C'mon, havn't they heard of employment agencies.


  • "named offensive player of the year".

    now thats something that irritates.
  • hell yeah !!!

    she can be my babysitter. Might have a problem convincing the missus to go out on her own 5 times a week though !
  • perhaps she's ugly ! (she'd fit in with the rest of the squad then)
  • bit clearer in this one
  • following my previous post I'll withdraw my comments after seeing AFKA's profile post. Only 22 as well.
    My wife's out every Wednesday night so AFKA can have a night off then.
  • Doesnt look ugly to me Large..... and she's just 22. I'm in need of a PA.... wonder if the club pays part of her wages to wherever she ends up?
  • think I prefer Kat Tarr. Her parents must have had a sense of humour, poor girl. A girl called Kat must be perfect.
  • Job share is definately the way forward.

    Wednesday's are yours large, any takers for Friday's ?

    She looks cute and friendly, but i do appreciate my Friday night Boys Night.

    See, we planned this as a community site, and here is evidence of the community rallying for the club.

    I've done a little research into her attacking abilities, and apparently she goes down easily...
  • Poor old Kat Tarr.

    The girl is so bunged up even Allardyce has been making enquiries !
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  • "and will lead the Missouri scoring attack in 2005. "

    Curb-it - how about the above quote for irritating?
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