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oiiiiiiiiiiiiiii admin

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either roland2chalets is after you or the signing in bug is back

PS it also said warning mediation bug !!


  • Meditation more likely
  • or medication maybe
  • says "guru meditation" only way to get rid of it is to send £5 to some place in Belguim and they will send two Standard Leige players over to fix it
  • Think the hamsters may be having a nervous breakdown under the workload today...
  • Just happened to me twice in last 20 mins.
  • I keep getting logged out. The mobile site keeps changing to the desktop site...
  • Just happened to me twice in last 20 mins.

    and again
  • Several times tonight for me.

    Error 503 Service Unavailable
    Service Unavailable
    Guru Meditation:
    XID: 505094867
    Varnish cache server

  • It has happened to me too. Its irritating. Sort it out !!!
  • things have moved on in IT when you read things like "Guru meditation" and "varnish cache server"------------------ what happened to "turn it off and on again"

    and what fecking "varnish" Ronseal ?????
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  • I keep getting logged out to on pc
  • vff said:

    It has happened to me too. Its irritating. Sort it out !!!

    Yeah, right !!
    I'd ask for my money back !!!

  • Me too. Keep being signed out and forgotten! Feeling sad already!
  • Yes, hugely frustrating. Have reported it. If you just press refresh when logged out it should be ok, well not ok, but you know what I mean
  • mate all you and LookY have to do is varnish the cash server----just do what it says on the tin !
  • But we are out of varnish, that's the problem :-)
  • edited March 2014
    well get hold of the meditation guru then ! and why your at please "find it" as whay ever it is keeps getting lost-----error 503 beep beep
  • Oi AFKA, I know this Belgian guy who can fix the site for you... inbox me
  • Put a quid in the meter.
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