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Inside No. 9

Did many on here catch this series?

It's the latest project from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton (of League of Gentlemen).
The last episode was on this week. I've got to say I thought the series was brilliant viewing. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes creepy, sometimes horrific and sometimes some combination of all of these. (The final episode was seriously disturbing!)

Some episodes were better than others - my favourite was 'Tom and Geri' which featured everyone's favourite Charlton fan, Gemma Arterton, but each episode offered something completely different.

I honestly think these guys (plus Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson) are some of the best writers on British TV at the mo. If it weren't for people like this, I dread to think how many more reality celebrity diving dancing cooking jumping talent show outback bullshit shows we'd have to endure.
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