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One Goal - Nutrition For Every Child

I work for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition - GAIN. Did you know there are 200 million children in Asia who are malnourished?
With football as the catalyst to communicate across borders, One Goal aspires to be a simple, powerful campaign that will mobilize and inspire the community of over 1.4 billion football fans in Asia to take decisive action through awareness, viral messaging, donations and advocacy activities - to increase the number of children in Asia who survive and thrive.

For more information please watch this video on this site


  • I wish you well.
    But personally I believe there are other organisations like the UK-based charity Population Matters, that is focussed on the primary issue of continual uncontrolled growth in population levels that is more deserving of my money.
  • no problem @cafcfan‌ but charities, foundations and projects striving for positive improvements should never be a case of top-trumps comparisons.

    Different things resonate with different people.
  • It's sometimes easy to forget how fortunate we (and our children) are, in the more affluent countries.
    Initiatives like this deserve our support and remind us that as football supporters we are part of a much larger community.
    I know that Charlton fans have a great record in putting petty rivalries aside and seeing the bigger picture.
  • @cafcfan‌ you are speaking to the converted. I have worked for the last 10 years in international development, including Marie Stopes International whose mission is children by choice not chance with a focus on family planning. Family Planning is an important strand in helping people in the developing world, but not the only one. Malnutrition is a world wide problem which needs a world wide response and joined up effort to solve this issue. As @HarryAMuse‌ said we forget how lucky we are.
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