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Local Plumbers?

So I'm looking for a plumber to do a few different jobs around the house and before doing a Google, thought I would see if anyone knows any local independent plumbers. would rather give my money to a local/ cafc fan than some company.


  • Piotr Parzyszek has some time on his hands at the moment................
  • if you PM me a bit more info I'll line my Dad up for a conversation (assuming you are in SE18)
  • If PL54 cant help let me know my Brother is a plumber and I am sure happy to help.
  • Well my dad has a company, Dyno Rod and Dyno Plumbing, but he is a CAFC ST holder, so don't know of that fits your bill haha!
  • No PM so I'll leave it to others
  • I hate plumbers.
  • Only came in to this thread to see the inevitable Piotr Parzyszek joke...
  • edited March 2014
  • Need a plumber to replace an old mira excel shower for a new one. Having a lot of problems with water temperature from a combi boiler, British Gas reckon it's the thermostatic shower causing the problem??? Would be happy to order the shower, so just need fitting? Anyone out there interested? Send me a PM if so.
  • I'm looking for a plumber also , shower not working , leaking kitchen tap and faulty outside tap ... any int could you send a PM please , bexley area
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