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Employer Incentive Age 16-24

Covered end junior recently got a job, by way of this scheme to help 16-24 year old's find employment.

It's possible that not all employers are aware & if anyone in this age range is looking for a job, it may help their job search to point this out.

I suggest applicants may wish to point this out on their application.

Sorry, about a seperate job thread, but thought this may "get lost" on the existing one & people job searching may not see it.


  • I work for a provider of apprenticeships in IT for 16-23 year olds so if anyone has a youngster that is looking at jobs in technical support, web design, marketing or business admin then by all means DM me.

    Also, if you work for an employer who's looking to get involved in the apprenticeship scheme then I'm happy to talk to them about it.

    Don't mean to advertise on this but given that the scheme was mentioned I thought I may as well take up the opportunity to use my CL contacts :)
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