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Constant Log-outs - Update 18/4

edited April 2014 in Troubleshooting
Hi all,

We're currently experiencing issues with signing-in and staying signed-in to the Forum. We're working not the issue and should have it resolved soon.

In the meantime, just try re-loading your page, rather than actually signing back in repeatedly.

Thanks for your patience!


  • many apologies that this is taking longer to resolve. Unfortunately this issue is out of our hands
  • As you can see, problems are still ongoing.

    This is an issue that has affected all Vanilla forums in our hosts stable. Vanilla said yesterday they had nailed down what and where the issue was, and were working to implement a fix. This said this will be completed by the end of the week.

    The sign outs, Error 503 Bad Gateway, Error 503 Service Unavailable Varnish cache server, are all connected.

    As Lookout mentions above, you can simply carry on clicking through on threads and you should automatically 'log back in', similarly with refreshing. But we know it is far from ideal, and we apologise if it is making usage difficult / frustrating.

  • Update

    Fix has been implemented and hopefully all issues resolved.

    We are sorry the forum was proving difficult to use and really appreciate your patience.

    Any continuing issues, please feel free to email [email protected]
  • Still get it when back arrow out of a thread. This is on iPhone 4s
  • Fine now.
  • I keep getting the worly wheel of death & the site is seriously lagging. Is it just me ?
  • I keep getting the worly wheel of death & the site is seriously lagging. Is it just me ?

    Having the same problems on my ipad.
  • It seems to have gathered a bit more pace, but was terribly slow in the last hour.
  • My button is in danger of wearing out tonight !

    F5 that is.

    As for that "Howdy stranger!" .......
  • Having a problem posting on my iPhone.
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  • Having a problem posting on my iPhone.

    But obviously only on certain threads.
  • Forum has been hanging all day.
  • We reported the issue last night, thi.k it has improved this morning
  • I still have to change my password everyday. It's a hassle, but, you know, I'm a trouper.
  • I have to change my password to log in every day at work, but not at home. I'd rather it be the other way, because the last thing I want to do at work, is any work itself.
  • Phew, fixed for now , thanks.
  • A better night for me too.
  • Any tips on getting shot of daft popups that keep appearing , i've got adblocker , but they still appear,
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