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UFC 172: Jones Vs Teixeira

Anybody else watching this tonight? I couldn't see another thread... Can't see Jones not winning his bout, an incredible talent and with that insane reach advantage I'm pretty sure he'll be able to keep Glover at a comfortable distance.
I'll call that Jones will pick him apart with a mixed display of his wrestling, and striking in the first two rounds, finish it with a sub in the 3rd.


  • Recording.
  • edited April 2014
    It's on at 3 and will be the last fight on the bill so expect it on at 5'ish. Gonna be recording it for sure.
  • Gunna try and stay up for it, doing some work between the bouts so hopefully will make the time somewhat productive. Any predictions?
  • Of course, love my mma. I'm expecting teixeira to surprise a few and push Jones all the way.
  • That KO just then !
  • Teixeira has a strikers chance but I think Jones' massive reach can keep him at a distance, plus I don't expect Teix to be able to go for that long without gassing out.
  • Jones Cormier tonight. Should be a cracker. Can't wait.
    Love Jones but hope Cormier will win.
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