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We are staying up

Always said keep the faith!!!!!


  • said it for months … Believe :-)
  • It is not unrealistic to say that we could very well finish above Huddersfield. It will look like we were never in any danger
  • Great stuff, now let's sort those contracts out
  • Bring it on. bang a gong , love this team (despite everything)
  • Yesssss!!!!!!!!!
  • Thought my bet at 25/1 for relegation would see us safe
  • Thank goodness we can enjoy at least the last game and have some fun at someone else expense!
  • And another 3 points coming our way from hillsborough next season as well.
  • lets just hope it is spanners heading down now.
  • Almost disappointing brum lost now, easier for Millwall on sat.
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  • Never in doubt..
  • Can finally relax
  • Get in there!

    & thank [email protected]@k that season is over!
  • Don't understand why the announcer made us wait for the Birmingham score when, as a consequence of winning it was completely irrelevant to us as we were safe.

    Birmingham winning would have made it much more likely for Millwall to go down in fact.

    Just felt a bit weird to be waiting for another team's result... When it was irrelevant..
  • great feeling we are safe,i still think Leicester will want 100 points for the season and Brum will get the point to keep them up at Bolton and Smallwall,think we will have to put up with them next year
  • So glad this season is over for us and we're safe. Really hard season, admittedly we made it hard for ourselves. Will be an interesting close season. Wouldn't mind Riga staying for another season to see what he could do with a budget but from that speech at the end I'm guessing he won't.

    Here's hoping dervite, hamer, poyet and morrison sign new deals soon now we know what division we'll be in.
  • Said weeks ago on an old thread that i thought 46-47 would see us safe. 48 sees us home with a game to spare.

    Would love it if Millwall went down but i think they'll be saved by Birmingham being so sh*te and i can't see Donny getting anything at Leicester
  • Fantastic drama. What football is all about. Pleased for everyone.

    Let's sign Poyet up now please :-)
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