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Players for Saturday (Blackpool Away)



  • Don't want to see solly in the side, now we're up give him/his knee a proper rest and have him 100% next season.

    Went flying into a tackle in his first game back since Xmas when the match was already away from us (credit to him)...but see no point in risking him to get injured and miss all next season as well!
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    The under 21s are playing a friendly at Wimbledon today (1pm). The team selection will give us some clues as to who could be making the trip to Blackpool.

    I'd like to see Jack Munns in the first team squad on Saturday. He's had a decent season for the development team and got himself a contract until the end of 14/15. Let's have a look at him.
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    Professionally we should field the strongest side we can and try to win it - to be fair to all the other sides in the relegation zone. Its what we'd want if we were still in it!

    Besides - I might be in a small minority, but I'd like to see Millwall stay up. Am South London born and bred and have lots of friends and relatives that support a mix of Chartlton, Millwall and Palace and I love the local banter and also the atmosphere at those games - they are the best ones for me. Would've liked Palace to come back down for that reason.

    So let's try and win it and end the season on a high...
  • We owe it to the league and the teams fighting down there to play a strong(ish) team. Remember how we all felt about Wigan V Millwall? I'd like to see no more than two or three changes and blood some youngsters in with experience. Give Pigott 90 minutes, maybe give Lennon a go with Morrison and maybe Munns off the bench.
  • We've no need to 'play the kids' as we already are playing the kids! Cousins, Poyet, Fox, Harriott...
  • Would be good experience for youth players who could potentially break through next season play in a game like this. Hasn't turned out badly playing youth players this season.
    Hamer (Phillips) ht
    Morro (Gomez) ht
    Sordell (Ahearne-Grant) ht

  • Personally I don't care who goes down.
    At least if millwall stay up we can try AGAIN to beat them!
    The MOST important thing is we are staying up...massive for our club. Also winning our last game and maybe climbing the league surely would bring more "prize" money??

    Maybe we do need a break after thinking about it!!!
    See you next season!!
  • Players pick a number from hat, keeper pull out 1st and what ever number they pull they play in that position (old Skool 1-15).
  • I think Cousins is out on his feet so perhaps come on later for Munns, Nego for Solly perhaps. Up front someone who will be here next year (please not Church although he has a year left) and perhaps give Lennon a runout in the middle. Otherwise heros from Tuesday unless we have a chance of a loanee on a perm then give him a full 90.
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    I think Jose will want the 3 points. So do I. Lets finish on over 50. Summer is the time for giving new blood and youngsters the chance to shine, not a game they can't be prepared for at the fag-end of a season when tempers run short and tactics can be blunt and brutal. Blackpool would give a team of fresh youngsters a very bloody nose indeed, and one from which their confidence might not quickly recover. Signed BOF.
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