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Mathcday Live Goals Montage

Here are the goals from last night, best not have the volume on too loud.....


  • Noisy sods!!! :-)
  • Yeah sorry!
  • That was brilliant love it! well done PeteF! i was there last night but do listen to cafc player when i cant make it down to matches
  • Well done guys. Glad to say I didn't need you last night.
  • Divvy commentators. :-)
  • Great stuff! Now if only I could get Player to work...
  • Fantastic, the hairs on my neck stood up hearing that!
  • Brilliant commentary full of pride and passion - well done Pete and Terry.
  • Doesn't play for me ?
  • Great to re-live after the actual game.....always listening to CAFC Player from Canada and can't get enough of Peter & Terry's play by play....full of emotion, passion - and completely "unbiased" of course....:o)
    The Fuller's ESB went down real well in celebration of that result...well done Peter & Terry.....and the team of course!!!!
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