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Our Good Friend Kevin

according to a Blackpool fans' site our ref on Saturday is Kevin Friend, haven't we met him before?


  • thank the lord we don't need anything from the game
  • Thought he was a premier league ref?

    Blackpool v Charlton Athletic
    Ian Hussin and John Flynn
    Fourth Official Scott Mathieson

    Damn its true
  • edited April 2014
    Wasnt he the referee when we played away @ Sheffield Wednesday (season after we were relegated from the Premier League) and disallowed a perfectly good goal scored by us?

    P.S. Just checked... Am thinking of Keith Stroud
  • thought Mr Friend had a good game, tried to let the game flow, only booked players when he really had to and tried to talk to them rather than book them. When Callum took his shirt off and was booked Mr F looked quite apologetic as he raised a yellow card. Was let down by his assistant on our side a couple of times but generally a fair performance.
  • I took another slant and thought Kevin Lisbie who scored his 18th goal of the season. Might we see him back at The Valley next season? Mooney has scored 21, Michael Smith 15.
  • Agree with Lancashire Lad, nothing significantly wrong with the referee on yesterday. Now, the linesman in front of us, he was a different story altogether.
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