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Pics and Video Files - FAO Bart / Lookout

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When will this facility be up and running (if it isnt already that is) as I have a video file on my phone that I took a couple of seasons back against Everton just as Herman scored and I think it would probably be well appreciated by the CharltonLife Clique (now known as The CLC)?


  • LookOut's your man, me and technology don't get on.

    And the intention is for this very much to be a clique-free zone !
  • [cite]Posted By: CharltonDan[/cite]When will this facility be up and running

    Well, the Video gallery is for some interview type pieces we are going to do, and that won't be ready for some time, for various reasons, to do more with getting the pieces done etc, then technological reasons. If anyone is a budding videographer then please do get in contact.

    But for what you want, we can pop the video on the forum in it's own thread. Can you email it to me?
  • So hes the brains then is he AFKA ;-)

    Will do from home as I have it as an avi (I think) file on my laptop.

    It is funny! First and only time Ive ever filmed anything on my phone at football and it happens just as we score!

    Might need some sort of parental warning mind.....
  • First Pic?

    Heres your first pic then Lookout! (stolen from those NA scumbags)
  • No Cliques! Where's the fun it that? At least lets have a t-shirt or discrete lapel badge
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