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Bobby Womack

Died today aged 70



  • r.i.p. Bobby, a fantastic musician with a special voice
  • Saw him back in the 80's, very good. Got him to sign a poster which ive still got somewhere.
  • Great voice. Don't know much about him but Across 110th street is a most wonderful song
  • Such a rich and beautiful voice. I knew he'd been suffering for a long time with cancer & Alzheimer's, but still so sad to hear this news. Rest in Peace Bobby, The Bravest Man in the Universe.
  • RIP to a great singer and songwriter.

    There was a really good documentry about him on BBC4 a while back. Fascinating life full of ups and downs.
  • RIP. Will go on a youtube safari in the mans honour this weekend.
  • another great lost to the ages. What a talent, RIP
  • rip, i always get him confused with the american husband and wife duo womack and womack though not in the same league, still good tunesters too. love across 110th street.
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  • RIP Bobby
  • everyone, run to the record player, computer, whatever, and play his "please forgive my heart", NOW!
  • Very sad news. A true soul great.

    I still have the original US 45 of *It's All Over Now" by the Valentinos, which was basically the Womack brothers. Unfortunately it was overlooked in the UK at the time due to the hideous, watered down version by a group whose name I seem to have forgotten.

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