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Dora Bryan R.I.P.

Dora Bryan, the veteran British actress whose long career encompassed theatre, film, radio and television, has died in Hove, near Brighton, at the age of 91.

She was best known for her roles in Last of the Summer Wine and Absolutely Fabulous, and won a best actress Bafta for the 1962 film A Taste Of Honey.


  • RIP, great actress.
  • one of the best of that golden era of british comedy greats, smile on dora....
  • That's sad RIP Dora
  • RIP Dora, a truly great British actress and comedienne.
  • RIP Dora another great British actress goes to the theatre in the sky.
  • RIP. Crops up in so many of the old British black and whites I love stumbling on when surfing the tele.
  • RIP - Fine actress.
  • RIP Dora Brian you brightoned up our lives.
  • Way back in the 70s I acted with her in a pantomime in Eastbourne. She was hilarious. Crazy as a loon, often on the sauce, and entirely unpredictable - in one performance she stopped the action, pointed to me, and said "Ooh, he's ever so talented this one - he's written a book and it's dead good. Tell 'em what it's called, luv - they can all go out and buy it!" Then she resumed her role as the Sultana of Morocco. Priceless.
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  • Also in Dinnerladies played Jeans Mother(Ann Ried) in one episode,sadly missed.
  • A good actress with a lovely smile. R.I.P.
  • Quality actress.

    A Taste of Honey was an excellent film version of what is turning out (with the passage of time) to be one of THE great British post war plays. Dora Bryan played her part with relish, and she seemed to approach everything with such a positive attitude.

    Glad she made it past 90.
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