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Tickets for Shakespeare in Love, wednesday 30 July

I have 2 tickets for Shakespeare in Love, Wednesday 30 July, matinee performance 14.30, Royal Circle, Noel Coward Theatre.

My wife is ill so we cannot make it this week and we will be re-booking for another date.

Seats are in a great spot and give a terrific view, cost £68.50 each but will sell for £35 each if anyone interested.

Collect in Welling.

Send me a message.


  • Hi mate, just a heads up that you may be able to switch the date for a later one. Last year I booked tickets to see the Lion King and on the day my girlfriend fell ill, we tried to get there but we couldn't as she was that bad. I ended up ringing the following day as he tickets we're still there as they was never collected and explained the situation, as I spoke to the manager he said he understands it's a lot of money and he'll be able to get us another date when my girlfriend was well again. It's not 100% gonna work but it's worth a try, they can be quite reasonable when spoken to in the right manor :). Good luck selling them if not!
  • Cheers, appreciated
  • Bump can have these 40 quid for the pair
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