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Child Genius, or...

Child f*cked up for life by overbearing parents...

On tele now.


  • Some of the people on this explain perfectly what I couldn't quite put into words on the other thread about why you may not want to put mensa on your cv as you get older
  • I'm friends with the mother of one of the kids who was on last year. They try to keep their kid grounded but the genius bit tends to trump everything - she gets as irritated by that side of them as the rest of us. Their mind is constantly on the go and needs to be kept busy. I get the feeling she wishes she had a normal kid, whilst loving him of course.
  • felt sorry for some of the kids---Tudor 8 year black kid wow what a hard bastard his dad is on him.
    The two yanky parents are total nut jobs.
    The tallish sort of ginger girl looks like she is about to explode at any second and again her mums a loon.
    Also felt sorry for the Indian kid who seems to think he can make friends from learning how to in a book------think he will win it.
  • Scary scary parents.
  • I found the whole thing disturbing but the American mum absolutely took the biscuit. Poor kids
  • I hope social services was watching and take them away from those crank parents
  • child abuse by that American mother
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  • I couldn't help but notice there was a higher proportional representation of jewish parents. Coincidence or connection?
  • In America they are moaning about the annual spelling bee, as it is dominated by Indian and Chinese children.
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    I found that American woman so vile, I was willing her poor daughter to fail.

    When she eventually did, I shouted out,"YES!"

    Shame on me...
  • To everyone slagging off the American woman she was victim of paedophiles allowed by her parents when she was 5 so I really wouldn't demonize her too much.
  • To everyone slagging off the American woman she was victim of paedophiles allowed by her parents when she was 5 so I really wouldn't demonize her too much.

    That doesn't mean we can't notice that she's as crazy as a loon and a danger to her child's mental health.

  • The Mrs was playing "Spot which child is going to end up murdering their parents"
  • finished last night---thought young girl who won it was about the most level headed of all the kids as were her parents. As for their specialist subjects that was jaw dropping.
  • I feel sorry for kids that are blessed with high abnormal intellligence. (in a way)

    Yes they might make good use of it eventually...but pushy parents that gain hold of this information probably wont let em breathe.... and let them just be a kid.

    Also a way of an innocent young one not being able fit in with others of the same age.

    Knowing too much too young.
  • I disagree that being able to recite immutable facts about 11th century Britain or 17th century French poetry makes you a genius, nor does spelling hard words require a generally high intelligence. A child that has a better working understanding of aerospace engineering, particle physics or biochemistry than an adult with a graduate's degree in the equivalent discipline would be better encouraging as they are actually things that can benefit society.
  • Couldn't agree more Fiish. Although I suspect there is some correlation between a very high-functioning memory and an ability to apply complex theory to practical issues.

    "Genius" is an overused and misused word. It shouldn't apply to people who are top performers. Real genius lies in the ability to create something new. In my view Shakespeare, Newton, Mozart were geniuses; Maradona, Olivier, Menuhin were first-rate performers
  • Interesting show, I liked how the person who's parents let them get on with it won.

    It was horrible to see Tudor cry and saying his dad would discipline him and incredible that he was on Spur's books!

    That kids knowledge on string theory was utterly ridiculous. He should've won it due to going for the toughest subject and scoring so well at it.

    The middle age parents who home teach a kid who spends most of her day playing were interesting...
  • I haven't watched it before but have watched similar things, in general (although not in all cases) the kids are not "geniuses" but are rather the product of exceptionally pushy parenting, causing the children to often have borderline autistic personalities, and anything but a happy, normal childhood.
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