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A report from the Shire.

I went to see a local pre season friendly last night, Cheltenham Town v Bristol City, and there were a few ex Charlton on display. Matt Taylor has just signed for Cheltenham, and he looked very solid, I think he will do a good job at that level. Scott Wagstaff was very busy on the wing for Bristol but I didn't see anything that made me think we were wrong to let him go. Sam Baldock still looks sharp, there seemed a time when we were always being linked to him, seeing some of the strikers we've had, it's a pity we never got him. The standout player however was a guy called Luke Freeman, he ran the midfield in the 2nd half, so much so that I googled him to see who he had played for. Wikipedia says that he was a youth at Charlton, does anyone remember this guy, I think we let a good one slip there. Bristol looked a very good team, would not be surprised to see them pushing for promotion this season.


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    Freeman spent the last couple of years at Stevenage, quite tricky but pretty lightweight. Mate if mine is a youth coach there and his assessment of freeman was that he was at his level in league 1. He did always standout when I've seen them play
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    Thanks for that, he did seem to have a lot more time on the ball than the other players, but granted it was against 2nd division opposition. He left Charlton when he was 11 apparently, so not expecting many to remember him. Talking of lightweights, was surprised to see how much Waggy has filled out!
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    Powell wanted Freeman back I believe but it was around the time we had no money to spend
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    Freeman was released by Charlton as a Youngster (as those above have mentioned)... Went to Gillingham and became one of the youngest players to appear in the FA Cup, Arsenal then signed him up and played in their Reserves (Dont think he ever played for their First Team) but was then released and joined Stevenage
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    Thought this was going to be about East Stirling
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