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Larkfield, Kent

Just need some general opinions about Larkfield. Thinking of moving there and seen a property we like in the 'poets estate' area.

Anyone on here from there?

I trust a lifers opinion over an estate agents.

From what I've seen so far it looks like a lovely little area.

Appreciate any honest opinions.

Thanks :)


  • I live a couple of miles from there in Allington. Larkfield is fine. I would say very low crime rate, close to the M20 (as you know) and 50 minutes to London from West Malling station.
    Go for it.
  • Live in Chatham! All I can say is it looks a nice area and there is a top notch swimming pool! :)
  • Fails the 'is it Sidcup' test....
  • Poets estate is in New Hythe.

    Great house prices and handy for Tescos, but the traffic noise from the M20 doesn't make for enjoyable evenings in the garden.
  • Yeah very close to the motorway a bloody noisy one at that, nice place though and a good swimming pool
  • Why not go and ask some of the people who live on the estate, that's what I would do.
  • My wiser lives there and its a very nice and quiet place. Depending on bufget have a look at Holbrough Lakes - it's 5 mins away and beautiful and quiet. (My next door neighbour is selling up actually) . Another option is Leybourne Lakes which is even closer to Larkfield - Lovely views there too.

    It's a very nice area

  • Thank you for your views.

    We have a second viewing at 6pm so will listen out for traffic noise as didn't notice it last time.

    Holborough lakes is lovely but is out of price range for a 3 bed.

    Lack of a station close by is a draw back but you get a lot for your money.

    Estate agent said it was Larkfield ;)

    Thanks again.
  • I live in Leybourne, Larkfield is pleasant with a leisure centre and choice of Supermarkets. Very convenient for the M20, M2, but avoid the noise from the M20 at all costs. As it happens the Charlton coach stops in the centre, and our local supporters club is organised by Sue Townsend the best in the business.
  • Nice area. I worked there until recently and lived locally in Snodland.
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