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*****MUST READ: Lights go out to mark World War One centenary & Charlton Life Joins In********

As you may know, at 10pm BST, public buildings and individuals are being encouraged to switch off the lights and burn candles of reflection during an hour's darkness to mark 100 years since the beginning of World War One.

At Charlton Life, we too would like to pay our respects to those who fought, died or lived though "The Great War". From 10pm tonight the site will therefore be accessible on a read-only basis for a period of one hour. We hope that all Lifers, will understand why we are doing this and will join us in remembering those who gave their lives for others.

Lest we forget.


  • Great idea.
  • Great call - never forget.
  • we will remember them
  • Fantastic thread and idea
  • Lest we forget.
  • ...And we're back!

    Let us know whether you have any problems posting from now on as a result.
  • Nice one! :-)
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  • Thanks for that.

    This action by Charlton Life reminded me to remember to turn our lights off, light a candle and reflect.

    Today has been hectic one way and another and without that banner I would have missed it and been annoyed subsequently at doing so.

    Lest we forget.
  • A touching tribute to all those who died and otherwise suffered. We will always remember.
  • I liked that. Thanks.
  • I joined the tribute and lights went out until just after 11 pm. I watched the service from Westminster as ex-serviceman I found the evening very moving. Thanks CL admin for joning in............Lest we Forget
  • Thanks all, and thanks Stig for knocking up the graphic at short notice yesterday afternoon.

  • As above as an ex forces I also watched the Westminster service along with my two young children who also paid attention like they were there themselves.
    The Army or whatever forces u were in never leaves you and you never really leave it totally behind.
    Therefore the memories the ex forces from WW1 or WW2 must carry I shudder to think how and they coped as with the survivors of any conflict.
    They all deserve our respect and it should be taught to all so none of us take our freedom for granted.
    Well done CL and great poem In a previous thread.
    Lest We Forget.
  • I put all the lights out in the house and brought the candles out. I am not a religious or spiritual person, but thinking about all the brave people who gave their lives for the betterment of ours made me very reflective and humble.
  • Greenie said:

    Why do you still march old man,with medals on your chest?
    Why do you still grieve old man,for those friends you laid to rest?
    Why do your eyes gleam old man,when you hear those bugles blow?
    Tell me why you cry old man, about those days so long ago.

    I'll tell you why I march young man, with medals on my chest
    I'll tell you why I grieve young man, for those I laid to rest,
    Through misty fields of gossamer silk come visions of distant times,
    When boys of tender age lost lives, and all their mothers pined;
    We buried them in a blanket shroud, their young flesh scorched and blackened,
    A communal grave newly gouged in blood stained gorse and bracken,

    And you ask me why I march young man, I march to remind you all,
    That but for those apple-blossom youths, you'd never have known freedom at all.”

    A poem that brought tears to my eyes. Who is the poet?
  • Some uncertainty on who wrote it.
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