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oi jimmy melrose

that picture on the programme you have on the details bit about that the everton game at sellout when he hit a hat-trick ?


  • What a game, one of the first I really remember done a sponsored walk around the pitch before it (Well One Lap) Think Sheedy got there 2. Can't remember how the scoring went thou can you??
  • Sheedy pegged us back twice if I remember....with free-kicks in front of the Sainsburys end, before Melrose hit the winner...
  • the first, and one of the few, games i managed to get my late father to go to when we were playing at sellout (he sent both our s/tickets back after the stoke match - i had to keep paying on the day after that and couldn't see the point in buying another s/ticket until we went to upton park)...a great game and result...
  • I think it's a picture against Leicester actually, which was just one week after. I think I requested this to the programme editor as they were of course one of my previous teams. I remember that we won all four games in October that season after a not too good start. Hope that happens this season!

    Did you get a refund for your season ticket?
  • I think the scoring went one-nil, one-one, two-one, two-two (half-time score) Melrose getting the winner from a John Pearson flick-on in the second half.

    "I remember that we won all four games in October that season after a not too good start"

    Wet Sham 3-1 (Melrose, Walsh and Pearson)...great match.
    Everton as above
    Leicester 2-0 or 2-1
    Who else...was it Southampton?
  • Leicester was 2-0. We started the season with a 1-0 win at Chelsea.
  • First match was 1-1 against Sheff Weds (Rob Lee). Then we played and beat Man U 1-0 (Mark Stuart).
  • Yeah, I went to my first ever away game (except Gillingham)in between those two games, at Forest, and we got thrashed. I remember being overawed by the sheer size of the stadium, the atmosphere etc. Funny now that that's been reversed.

    1-1 at half time. Not bad. Are you listening to the match?
  • Yep...though the commentary is fading in and out, but it sounds as though we are putting up a fight.
  • I take it that you're somewhere in Southern Germany
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  • Actually this week I'm in Southern Dorset...
  • Shouldn't you be 'NewForestReds' then?
  • Isle of Purbeck Reds would be more accurate...

    Van Persie 2-1...
  • So why did you choose the name 'BlackForest'

    I'm getting sick of hearing Arsenal fans singing through my speakers. It's a form of noise pollution. Can't they just shut up?
  • I live in Freiburg/south west Germany but I'm over here for a few days, part holiday and part work. Back home Tues PM.
  • Blimey, that's even worse than me! You go back to England for the week-end and don't go to the game! I'm going back next week-end. Not my choice of week-end and very unlucky I reckon.

    Did you go to any World Cup matches?
  • Unfortunately I didn't get to any WC games, Freiburg wasn't one of the grounds used and though I was in the draw my name didn't get drawn out. My boss though had tickets for a match at Nuremberg, until I pointed out we were in Coventry that day...
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