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Aerial Direct

Recently I got cold called by this company Aerial Direct (AD) who seemed to be aware that my current Vodafone contract was nearing the end. They said that they could get me an O2 contract for £23.99 for unlimited text, minutes and 1GB data or £27 for Vodafone. Thinking I want the cheapest option I say yeah ok that sounds a good idea and I enter into a verbal contract. With the wittering the sales guy pulls on me I did not hear or truly realise that there was no cooling off period which seems to be the standard for most phone companies. I come off the phone and think hang on, who is this company. I go on to the internet and read up on AD and find out that they are unscrupulous, aggressive third party retailers for O2. But my contract is not with O2 but with AD. This does not sit easy with me. On the one hand I do have a cheaper contract but on the other I don't like the fact that my contract is with these people. And I can't break this contract because I verbally agreed. Is this for real? I can't even take this to the Ombudsman because they are not part of that scheme.

Knowing what a helpful community it can be on here at times, I wonder if anyone has been similarly approached? I want to warn people to be careful and if anyone knows a way for me to get out of this tangle I would be most grateful to hear from them.


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