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The Diplomacy Thread

Every other minute now and then, I see a post on here which could potentially cause some offence. Sometimes that offence is clearly intended; on other occasions, it appears to be unintended, a poor choice of words or accidentally over-strident in tone.

So, in a spirit of peace and reconciliation, this thread offers some alternative wording for posts which may have unintentionally ruffled some feathers.

Would-be diplomats, good-natured peacekeepers and conflict avoiders out there, please feel free to join me.

First up...........LargeAddick

@LargeAddick From your posts you seem to have a very wide knowledge of a lot of players that are out there in the football league, although do correct me if i'm wrong ;). Do you have any hunches of players that we may bring in over the next few days or that are likely available to us?

you are wrong. maybe you have me confused with someone else. I've as much clue as anyone else, Reams and Colin excepted, as to who we will bring in but think we need a decent striker and a CM/LM.

Dear NomadicAddick, thank you so much for your implied compliment, which is, however, overly generous. Whilst I do try to keep abreast of all things Charlton the truth is etc etc.


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Roland Out!