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Reading's big day soured

Taken from a Reading site

An open question to those Reading fans who attacked (not too strong a word) the Middlesbrough Disabled Supporters minibus on Relief Road as it was leaving the Madejski yesterday:

I am the current Chairperson of Middlesbrough FC Disabled Supporters Association, and would like to ask........

Are you pleased with your cowardly behaviour, which caused a great deal of unnecessary upset to some of the disabled kids on board? They were scared stiff that you would eventually smash the windows in, and have asked not to be taken to any more away games with us. One of the youngsters was over the moon to be going to his first ever away PL game, but, having spoken with his parents earlier to ask after his welfare. this unsavoury episode has knocked his confidence totally, and he is still very quiet and traumatised today.

The able-bodied Middlesbrough fans on board were only prevented from escalating the situation due to the drivers' presence of mind, by keeping the minibus moving forward, albeit at walking pace, which stopped them getting off the bus and into an unwanted confrontation.

We had heard stories beforehand of an infamous band of cowardly scumbags who'd recently associated themselves with Reading FC called "Scorpions" who got their kicks by terrorising women and kids, and if I hadn't witnessed it at first hand, I'd have dismissed it as nonsense; sadly, it appears that you have an undercurrent of neanderthals who embrace the 60's and 70's culture of hooliganism.

I apologise to all true Reading fans for my vitriol, and this is no way meant to be a "paint everyone with the same brush" statement, but I would urge you to rid your support of this cancer, and if you know any of those morons responsible, to report them to your Club, which doesn't deserve to be blighted by those likely to give it a bad name.

Chair, MDSA


  • Finally, the term "morons" applied correctly!

    That kind of attack could only be carried out by the absolute scum of the earth, FACT. Well done to the MDSA for reporting it.
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